Friday, 13 January 2012

Finally some decent photos. Been pestering my brother to help me out with the photos taking task.

The little 'God of Prosperity' hanging on the bamboo plant in my living hall. Hope they will help to bring in more luck and money. ^^ (hahaha as quoted by my mom) I have 8 of them there. Chinese believes that number 8 is a good number. Hmm.. since it's Chinese New Year. No harm. ^^

Managed to stitch a pouch for my boyfriend's mom and Miss Dolly for a customer this morning. I love Friday since I'm off from teaching on Friday. I can stitch and do other things.

Another photo of Miss Dolly and the pouch.
..... i know.... something's wrong with this photo. ^^ but hey... why so serious. ^^ It's HOLIDAY SOON!!!!

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