Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Tuesday post!

it's actually Wednesday now since it's already 1.35 a.m. I was out almost the whole day today as Tuesday is always packed with classes. Came home bout 10.30p.m after supper. *sinful*  >.<  Anyway.... I made this new key ring and a cow hair clip not too long ago. As usual good quality photos will have to wait. ^^ For the time being let's just settle with this 'not so good quality' photos by my Samsung.
On a happy note. I made some key cupcake and pig key rings for my teenage students since they've all managed to pass their piano exam. Really glad that they love the key rings. ^.^

Alright! Bed time! Shall wake up early and make my off day a productive day tomorrow. More new handmade crafts coming up soon! *oh , and I shall spend some time tomorrow cleaning up my room and craft room* Busy Wednesday.. Good night!

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