Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Home sweet home. Had a great weekend by the beach although I didn't enjoy my stay in the hotel that much due to poor service by the hotel staff when I checked in. Wasted my whole morning for my room to be ready. Very long story so I rather not tell my grandmother story here.On another happy note, I managed to upload a few photos on my FB on some of my new craft creations. ^^ One of them is this key pouch below:

A small key pouch for those who doesn't like to carry a big bunch of keys around. This pouch is great to hold one or 2 keys.It comes with a ball chain so you can hang it on your bag instead. I made this in a few other colours. Check them out on my facebook page.  Oh and I've uploaded some of my new handmade crafts for Christmas as well. Only a few. More handmade crafts for Christmas are on their way. Can't wait to get them done and upload them to show you all. I'm so excited!! ^^

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