Thursday, 11 April 2013

Here's the completed Panda key pouch.

Made a mini Mr. Moustache key pouch as well. This round it's pink upon customer's request.
and here's my favourite pumpkin boy key ring that I made for Halloween. Next to it, is a new addition to my key pouch list. Pumpkin boy key pouch that I made last week.
and the last photo to share for today from one of my customer's craft order list.  Astro boy, Mr. Muga, and the little princesses from the Land of The Rising Sun. Astro boy was a custom made request for her little girl's birthday.
It's quite a challenging task when it comes to custom made. Especially when I have to make those famous cartoon characters such as Astro boy, Doraemon, Hello Kitty..etc.. I'm very fussy about it and make sure it looks as similar to the character as possible. I do hope I have done a good job all this while. *keeping fingers crossed*

Cheers! Happy Thursday!

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