Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Something non craft related thoughts.

With the General Election 2013 coming up on 5th May 2013 the only topic we talk about with family and friends is all about the election. Malaysia is truly a beautiful place. We have everything, white sandy beaches , great food, rich in culture and just so much more. The only problem is the bad economy that has been down for way too long and sorry to say but those who are in power to help bring our country to a better level are not doing their job at all. People are suffering. You may think, why not just leave the country when one is so unhappy about it.Well, this is our home. A truly beautiful home if only this time things really could take a better turn and CHANGE. I'm truly hoping for the best for our beautiful Malaysia.

Something to share: Crafty:
Made this pouch for a customer as a gift to her beautiful mummy on her birthday. Lotus flower pouch

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