Monday, 7 May 2012

A photo free post ^^

No photo for today......... but....... don't worry I will definitely post some photos soon! Blog posts seem to be more interesting with photos attached along with it. hmmm ... anyway bare with me for today is a photo-free post. ^^ What have I been working on? Let's see.... made some hair clips, a pig pig ornament and earrings! Been a little busy with work as well. Can't wait for term break which is just 3 weeks away. Time to relax at home, design and make more beautiful things, spend time with my love ones and of course some gossip sessions with my lovelies. ^^  I'm also in the mid of planning a vacation. Vietnam or Cambodia. hmm.. any suggestions?

By the way... make some noise my dear readers. It's rather scary when it's so quiet here hahaha... Feel free to comment on my posts, or drop me a few lines on my chat box. It's always fun to meet new friends from all over the world. SO COME ON! MAKE SOME NOISE HERE !! ^^

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