Tuesday, 8 May 2012


My boyfriend and I was walking to a cafe when an old toyota driven by an elderly man stopped right in front of us. The incident:
RM20 to help an elderly man who claimed that he received a call that his wife was involve in an accident and was admitted to the hospital. He begged for help as he didn't have enough cash to pump petrol to get him from Puchong to Seremban. He might have created the whole story, but I thought what if he really needed the cash. He only asked for RM 10+, I gave him RM20. He was all teary when he thanked me and asked for my number so that he could return me the RM20. I told him it's alright, just drive safe and hope your wife is alright. I didn't regret on what I did at all.

Just thought of blogging this to remind myself to help whenever I can. Although not all of them are for real but at least I've done my part to help those who are really in need.

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